Stylist Saša Antić's best interior design tips!

Saša Antić is one of Sweden's most employed stylists and set designers.
He is hired by large companies such as Bianca Ingrosso, Björn Borg, Chhatwal & Jonsson, Elle Decoration and many more. He has also designed fantastic pots for DBKD, which have become popular decor items in many homes.

And we at Gbg Deco love his flair for interior design & design. That is why we are proud to have him as a customer with us. And now Saša has also agreed to a small interview!

Sasa Antic sits with her dog Novak. Sasa wears black sunglasses and a green hat.

When decorating a new space, what factors do you consider and how can our readers use the same methods when decorating their homes?

I usually always get a feel for the room I'm going to decorate. Which direction is the room, how does the light fall, is the ceiling high, is it light or dark, for example. Based on that, I then make a sketch and plan how I will decorate. You can test yourself. Rearranging furniture always works...

What are some current design trends that you find particularly interesting or inspiring?

I am so against anything called "trend". Trends come and go - style remains.

The questions come from our followers. And this question was asked the most times! Everyone wants to know, what inspires you?

It sounds like a cliché, but the fact is that no matter how I twist and turn it, nature is always there as a given source of inspiration. I love the sea, drizzle, pines, oaks, moss. You can never get away from the organic in nature and it is so incredibly awesome. I am also inspired by art, music and my childhood. My long-term memory is amazing and I remember every detail of my Nana's house in Serbia for example. I am also inspired by other cultures, maximalism and courage.

Picture taken in a kitchen. The picture shows a round dining table and two chairs.

Lighting, here I feel that many people have too few light sources in their homes. How should you think about lighting in the home? Which lighting should you choose to create atmosphere and function in different rooms?

Lighting, I would say, is one of the most important interior design details in a home. Ask yourself "what is the function of this light source?" If you are going to sit and read, perhaps you should have more directed lighting. If it is to be above a dining table, perhaps you should have a light source from above. If you need to see things properly, you might choose a general lighting source. To create an atmosphere, you should invest in smaller lamps that create that cozy atmosphere. Maybe a pinch spot on the bookshelf. A warm little lamp in a window or why not a small candle every now and then? A must for me is a dimmer on ALL lights.

How can you create a sense of togetherness between different rooms in your home?

Decide on a basic base. For example, it can be the same color in all rooms. Based on that, you can then pick in color and patterns that play with each other and interact nicely. If you are not afraid of color, you can paint the different rooms in the same color but one or two shades darker or lighter. Don't forget that you can also paint ceilings. Maybe it's just your thing, to have different colors on the ceilings in the different rooms but one and the same color on all the walls. Experiment.

Living room at Sasa Antic. Several different paintings hang on the wall. On the floor in a corner is a Taccia lamp from Flos. White sofa and in front of it there is a glass table from Fontana Arte.

Which textiles should you invest in to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere?

Personally, I love bedding and I have more than I need. But I think it's fun and nice to mix all the colors in the bed. Otherwise, curtains, carpets, throws or textile coverings on the walls that you had in the past. Maybe you have a nice rug that would be nice on a wall? Or a nice patterned graphic plaid... Anything goes as long as you want!

Picture of Sasa Antic bathroom window. A crocheted cloth hangs as a curtain and on the windowsill there is a sculpture representing a hand.

We have noticed that there has been an increased demand for furnishing with vintage. How do you integrate vintage furniture into a modern interior design scheme?

Love mixing old and new! It becomes so personal that way. Who wants a home that looks like everyone else? Not me anyway. There is a patina and a history in old furniture and things that you can never get from what you buy new. You will build YOUR home. Invest in what YOU think is nice and wonderful. A new table but an inherited vase from grandmother on it will be just perfect! Today there are a plethora of good auction sites, so make it a habit to check them regularly. Often I find something that I didn't think I would like at all and so I hit on it. In addition, the resale value is significantly higher on vintage furniture than new.


Saša, thank you very much for your time. We continue to follow you and doggy Novak on Instagram @sasaanticstudio

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