Decorate your home with vintage - Tips on how to succeed!

Combining vintage with modern decor can give your home a unique and personal style. Here are some tips for combining vintage and modern decor in a stylish and harmonious way.

Start by finding a common color palette, get some color samples that you love and work from there. To create a harmonious interior, it is important to choose a color palette that works for both vintage and modern elements. You can choose to match colors from different eras or use a neutral color palette to create a unified feel.

Long sideboard in dark wood, on it is a white marble lamp with vases next to it. Four Skultuna brass sconces hang on the wall.

After creating a base, you can start mixing in patterns and textures. A mix of patterns and textures can create an interesting dynamic between vintage and modern elements. You can mix different types of patterns and textures, but try to keep the color palette uniform to avoid a cluttered feeling.

Now it's time to create a balance. To create a balance between vintage and modern decor, try to distribute them evenly across the room. You can choose to have a vintage object as a focal point, a statement piece and then surround it with modern furniture or vice versa.

Let the contrast shine! The contrast between vintage and modern decor can create an exciting atmosphere. Try placing a modern sofa next to a vintage armchair or hang a modern piece of art above a vintage sideboard.

Focus on furnishing with quality. Both vintage and modern furniture can be of high quality, and mixing them can create a unique and personal style. Try to choose high-quality items, whether vintage or modern, to create a decor that will last over time.

Lounge chair from Bruno Mattson in brown leather. Large floor vase in blue with pampas grass. Table lamp from Bitossi.

There are many benefits to decorating with higher quality vintage. Quality products are usually made of high quality materials and are better engineered. This means they can last longer than cheaper options, which can save you money in the long run as you won't have to replace them as often.

Higher quality of materials and construction can also mean that the products work better and look better. They can also feel more exclusive and give a sense of luxury.

Sideboard in jacaranda, dark wood. On it is a table lamp in beige. On the wall hangs a round mirror with a black frame.

Using high-quality interior design products also increases your satisfaction with your home and life. When you surround yourself with beautiful and functional things that you love and that suit your style and needs, it can increase your well-being and make your home a place where you feel good and happy.


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