We sell used products that can be over 60 years old. We renovate and restore, but there may still be a certain patina on the products. Therefore, we ask you to look carefully at the pictures and read the description of the product.
If you feel unsure, please contact us at info@gbgdeco.se or 073-7887259 before your purchase. We obviously want you to be satisfied with your purchase and are here for you. All products are sold with VMB. This means that we report VAT on the profit margin, i.e. on the difference between the selling price and the purchase price. But VAT is never paid to the customer, which is why it says SEK 0 on the receipt.
Since we sell the same products in our physical store, we reserve the right that the product may be sold and we therefore need to cancel your purchase. We update our information on the webshop daily & hope this will not occur.
We also reserve the right to any typographical errors on our webshop, such as incorrect price information.

All photos on the website are taken by ourselves of the products you receive when purchasing. We do not use auction images or other images that do not belong to us. So what you see in the picture is what you buy. But we reserve the right that color differences may occur depending on the customer's screen and the light setting on the screen.
All images on our webshop are owned by Gbg Deco AB and may not be used without permission. Should you use our images without permission, you will be billed for this.