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Tombak 2135

3 550 kr

With its proud rise and characteristic waist, the Tombak 2135 takes its place as a future classic. Fantastic in a grouping and truly stately in a pair. Just over 2 kilos good design.

Tombak 2135 is suitable for both tea lights and candles.

Height: 199 mm

Diameter: 44 mm

Weight: 2135 grams

Material: 100% solid brass



Shipping is always free and the products are delivered to your nearest Postnord agent. As the Tombak candlesticks are produced to order, the delivery time is slightly longer. It can therefore take up to three weeks before you receive your candlesticks. But we promise, it's well worth the wait.


Brass is a living material that can change over time and depending on humidity and handling. You can choose to let a beautiful patina age your candlesticks or regularly use a polish specifically designed for brass to polish your Tombak candlesticks to their original shine. Remember to use a soft cloth.

Return & Repurchase

As long as the product is unused and in original condition, you can always cancel your purchase within 14 days. You are responsible for the return cost of your order. This cost is SEK 149 and you will receive your return slip by contacting Tombak via email at

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