Layered Shaggy Rug - Mocha Melange

8 900 kr

Layered's rug - Shaggy Mocha Melange - is a melange rug with a soft expression and is made of 100% wool with a long pile. The quality of the rugs is produced through a 2,000-year-old production process from Greece and differs from how rya rugs are normally produced. The wool is placed in containers under water in natural waterfalls, which creates the living appearance of the rugs. All rugs in the collection are woven individually, which results in each rug being unique and may vary slightly in size and color. We recommend a carpet underlay that reduces the risk of slipping.

Rya rugs, due to their long pile and natural materials, have a tendency to fluff and after regular vacuuming, the fluff will decrease over time but will never disappear completely.



Collection: The Rya collection

Bang height: 60-70 mm

Material: 100% New Zealand Wool

Measure: 180 x 270 cm, 250 x 350 cm, 300 x 400 cm

Manufacturing: Handwoven. Each rug is unique and may vary slightly in size and color.

Color: Mocha Melange

Washing: Vacuum regularly without a brush. For deeper cleaning, a laundromat is recommended for floor washing. Due to their long pile and natural material, Rya rugs have a tendency to fluff. After regular vacuuming, the fluff will decrease after a while, but will never completely subside.

Stain Removal: Wipe the stain gently with a mixture of lukewarm water and soap. Absorb residue with a dry microfiber cloth.


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