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Josefin Bravo - The Exhale Infection No.8

5 500 kr

Josefin Bravo's artistic philosophy behind "The Exhale Infection" begins as a glass body that I fill with my air but something happens which causes it to become a dissonance. It loses air or blows out, collapses but they begin to form a new form. Something is starting to grow on them all, it's infections, will they get rid of these? Or has the body had to accept its fate and takes them with it as its baggage into the new? Is it something that the body can finally own or will the infector continue to live off its valuable animal and will the body therefore always change its shape and be on its way somewhere else. In this they always wear their strong and bright colors with pride.

All objects are designed, blown and sculpted by hand by Josefin Bravo.

This is a work of art. Flower arrangements are for photography only. Some of the sculptures can be used as vases, but they are primarily sculptures.

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