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Bar cabinet "Times" by Torbjörn Afdal, Norway, 1960s

39 000 kr

This elegant bar cabinet, designed by the Norwegian designer Torbjörn Afdal in the 1960s, is a timeless masterpiece that combines style, functionality and high quality.

The bar cabinet "Times" is not only beautiful to look at, it is also very functional. The interior is fitted with cleverly designed shelves to hold glasses, bottles, and everything else you need to create the perfect drinking corner. S disc in black laminate makes the surface extra durable, it can be opened and rested on the open doors. Voilà! Now you have turned the bar cabinet into a bar counter! As the bar cabinet is on wheels, it is easy to move around.

Despite being created in the 1960s, the 'Times' bar cabinet is timeless and fits as well in modern homes as it did when it was first designed. Its unique and stylish appearance makes it an excellent decoration in the living room, dining room or home gathering place.

Measure; H90 D42 L77 / Dimensions open; H88 D42 L154


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