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Hand-knotted wool rug, Azilal, Dimensions 275x165cm

11 900 kr

This beautiful Azilal rug is not only a piece of art for your home but also a symbol of tradition and culture from the Atlas Mountains. Hand knotted by skilled women in the Azilal region, each thread carries with it the story of the women's life experiences and the history of their families. The symbols that adorn the rug are not just decorations but the legacy of generations of skilled weavers, giving each rug a unique character and deep meaning.

Made of high quality wool, this rug is not only beautiful to look at but also very durable. It is made to withstand the stresses of everyday life while maintaining its beauty and quality over time.

With its dimensions of 275 x 165 cm, this rug is an impressive accent to any room. Its unique Berber motif gives each room a touch of exotic charm and a sense of authentic culture.

Add this Azilal rug to your home and let it enrich your decor with its beauty, history and cultural heritage.


Material: Wool
Featuring: Unique Berber motifs
Size: 275 x 165 cm

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